I worked on this project as part of a hiring process I went through with a Danish design studio. The assignment consisted of designing a concept of an app, where the user could track his/her skin status, lifestyle, and the skin treatments.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Starting from a simple concept,  the assignment required to do a quick user research online, work on the wireframe and present a UI proposal in max 2 days.
This project was both fun and challenging. I had a really short deadline to present a solution,  therefore I could not go for a deep research or a clean and polish UI.
Nevertheless, the short time span pushed my creativity and kept me constantly on focus, without distractions.

The Process

Since the time was a critical factor, I decided to divide the assignment into three parts:

The research methodology | Wireframe & User flow | UI

I allocated a precise number of hours to each part, in order to keep my work organized and do not lose the focus.

The research methodology

The first 2-3 hours were used to look for similar solutions online.
Are there other apps that track the skin conditions? Which are they? How do they work?
I installed on my phone 5  different apps (e.g My Daily Skincare)  to understand which kind of features could fit the concept, and which ones are the most used/common.
I took notes and screenshots of each app. Some of them were not really intuitive to use or even badly designed, but It was interesting and useful to learn.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.10.52
Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.59.12

I spent other few hours researching the subject on forums, social networks, apps comments to quickly have a taste of users’ behaviors and understand their needs.
This quick but pretty efficient digital ethnography allowed me to identify users' pain points and needs.
With more time I would have approached users in person, planning and running interviews and questionnaires.
Due to the extremely short deadline, I did not create persona and scenario. This would have added much more quality to the concept research part.

Wireframe & User flow

I quickly put down the most interesting ideas that came out from the research phase.
I drew few sketches on paper, visualizing the possible flow and positioning the app element.


I worked on a digital and more clear version on Sketch. 
During this phase, I also designed the user flow.
You can take a look at the whole wireframe, by clicking on the button below.

 If you want to have an overview of the User Flow, click on the button below.

 If you want to see the overview of the User Flow, click on the button below.

 If you want to have an overview of the User Flow, click on the button below.

Confirm Photo


I began the last phase of my assignment with several UI ideas, inspired by my little research.
It was time to add the look and feel to the structure built as a wireframe. 
I made everything with Sketch, including a simple interactive prototype.

Since the app target is mainly teens, I decided to include some game elements like badges, rewards, and levels. I chose a minimal and clean interface, with circles and round shapes.


The Result

In this section, you can see some of the solutions I worked on. The complete UI artboards are online on Sketch Cloud.
You can try the prototype by clicking on the button below. Once you are on the artboards page, click on the “Welcome” artboard, and then on the "play icon" on the top right corner.


Take away

The given time span set the level of deepness and complexity of the project. I believe this concept has several interesting points to develop if given enough time to.

I kept out features like “being on period” or stress level. It might be a good idea to explore these elements for the app since they are pretty relevant to the skin care subject. Moreover, the app could be used in synergy with sport or sleep tracking apps.

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

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