This is a special project. I am currently attending the UI Challenge. Every day, for the 100 days I am going to challenge myself to design different UI elements.  It is a great way to improve my skills as a Designer. 
This project will grow every week with new challenges. I will add a selection of the best ones.

The Challenge

The Challenge

One UI design solution every day for 100 days. I am receiving the challenges by email. They are often general (ex. Design a signup UI), allowing me to decide the concepts that will support them.

The Process

I used a solid process to design UI.

1. Research: useful to check the state of the art and to get inspired for the concept development.

2. Wireframing: Drawing on paper or straight in Sketch allows me to visualize my solution.

3. UI Design: adding the look and feel and some interactions when is possible.

The Result

(Adding new ones every week)

# 2. Credit Card Checkout 

Credit Card Checkout

The concept behind this UI solution is a home decorations online shop.

The checkout module include all the required elements.

The design is minimalist in order to make the checkout simple and clear for the final user.

# 3. Landing Page


I love food and I love cooking stuff.
So, I decided to design a landing page for an imaginary website, that allows you to "hire" a professional chef to prepare fancy food at your place, 24/7. 
The name"Chef moi" plays with the French expression "Chez moi" (in English "at my place") and the word "Chef".
Few elements that point to the CTA button and the signup button highlighted.
Clear and simple design.

# 8. 404 Page


I decided to go for the same concept I used for the landing page challenge (Chef at home).

Having this idea in mind, I played with the concept of "empty dish = no food",  ending up using an empty dishes image as the “0” in “404”.

I also made a second design using an animated GIF but I eventually chose the static one.


# 9. Music Player

 A simple music player I made with Sketch and Principle.
It was very fun to design it. 

I wanted to add the equalizer graph. I quickly worked on the animation on Principle and add as a component on the album cover.


# 11. Flash Messages


I designed these two flash message for the “rent a chef” concept website.

I used the logo to show the message.
So, the error message uses the “disappointed” chef logo, while the “success” message uses the regular logo with a smile added on it.

# 14. Countdown

I was excited to work on a countdown.
The choice went to the "rent a chef" website concept.

I played with the idea of food cooking time as a metaphor for developing the website.

# 15. On /Off Switch

I wanted to design something cute in a very short time.

For the switch, I decided to adopt the metaphor of "Sun-Day-ON / Moon-Night-OFF".

I designed everything on Sketch and later work on the animation on Principle in 20 minutes.

I ended up with two solutions. I prefer the simple one but I wanted to show both.

# 18. Analytics Chart


This was a pretty cool challenge. I wanted to design for mobile.
A limited screen space forces me to carefully select the elements I want to add.
So many options but only space for few.

A good wireframing and some uglies sketches on paper were essential to achieving a good solution. As usual, I spent some time researching online to get inspired.
I chose to design a classic dashboard that shows the user's daily sports activity.

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

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