Who am I ?

An inventor

An inventor

I am super curious about how things work. When I was a kid I used to destroy stuff and then create new things from the scraps. I’m still approaching daily life challenges with the same spirit but trying to avoid breaking things, if it is possible. :)


A player

I love to play music with different instruments. I play guitar, bass guitar, toy guitar, tenor ukulele, synths and percussions. I love to mix the sound of different instruments and create interesting or pretty weird sounds.


A storyteller

A storyteller

I like to discover the world and tell stories through photography.


A nerd

I like RPG (I’m talking about the good old D&D, Call of Chtulhu and LARP). Ask me how much sanity you’re going to lose if you met the great Chtulhu.

I like to discover new weird videogames and try them and I’ve a truly deep passion for pervasive games. I love the idea of mixing the real world with the virtual one. It’s cool to catch Pokemon in the park!

The world is a big playground.


A gardener

Plants are my friends. No, I am not hugging trees but I love to take care of plants at my place and sometimes grow my own vegetables.


A chef

I’m Italian and I live for good food! Yes, I know, it sounds like a cliché. I’m cooking delicious meals every day (really, I’m not joking, it’s true). Cooking and mixing ingredients and flavors is not different from UX Design: I observe, study, try, learn and create.


Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Would you like to know more about me?

Write me, add me on LinkedIn, poke me. :))

I am always up for a chat, possibly while drinking a warm and delicious cup of tea
(that's right, I am an Italian guy who does not drink coffee).

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