Hi! I'm Daniele.
I am a UX Designer based in Denmark.





Hi! I'm Daniele.
I am a UX Designer based in Denmark.




 Hi! I am Daniele.
I am a UX Designer in Denmark.



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Some of my recents works


User Journey Map:
the Debito case

I supported a fintech startup by studying the users, their experiences with the company product and their emotions, and developing a User journey map.

Reading time : 5 mins


Debito re-design:
login and web-app UI

I designed several proposal for Debito Login page and Debito web-app dashboard.

Reading time : 2 mins


A Minimum Viable Product

A Minimum Viable Product

I worked on a product to help people to moving in / moving out in a click.
The project was born and partially developed during a "Startup Weekend.

Reading time : 3 mins


Engagement and cheating in Pokémon GO

Why Pokémon GO is so popular? And why many players uses cheats to play location-based games?
I investigate these questions, merging with Pokémon Go users in their environment, observing and involving them in focus groups and field study.

Reading time : 5 mins

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Would you like to know more about me?

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I am always up for a chat, possibly while drinking a warm and delicious cup of tea
(that's right, I am an Italian guy who does not drink coffee).

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